Management of the Department

Head of the Department: prof. Ing. Helena Majdúchová, CSc.

Deputy Head of the Department: Ing. Jakub Kintler, PhD.

Secretary of the Department: Ing. Jana Kissová, PhD.

The Scientific Secretary: Ing. Bc. Peter Štetka, PhD.

Secretary: Albína Mituchová


Divisions of the Department

Department of Value processes in company

The Head: doc. Ing. Daniela Rybárová, PhD.

Department of Microeconomy and company strategies

The Head: doc. Ing. Nora Grisáková, PhD. 


History of the Department

At The University of Economics in Bratislava, in the academic year 1951/1952 the study program economics of industry was created. The responsibility for this field of study took the Department of economics of industry, which was formed in the academic year 1950/1951 out of the Department of industry and the construction industry. Department of economics of industry, and also, its follower, Department of Business economy, belongs to one of the oldest Faculty departments.

In 1990, the Department of Economics and Industry management was renamed for the Department of Business Economy. By the year 1992 the department was the coordinator of the study field Economics of industry and was economy and the study specialization Economics of construction.  Later on the Department was the coordinator of the study field, business economist. Since the academic year of 1995 the Department coordinates the study specialization Economics of the business subject in the field of Economics and management of the company. After the introduction of study programs in the year 2004 the Department has been a coordinator of two programs: Economics of Company and co-coordinator of Business Management and Economic expertise.


Department today

The Department of Business Economy is involved in the education of economists and business managers at all levels of study programs - Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral study programs. In the Bachelor study program the subject Business economy is taught at all faculties of the University of Economics in Bratislava. Other subjects provided by the Department considerably complete the profile of the graduate in the particular field of study.


Activities of the Department

The Department has a rich scientific activity. It participates in the tasks of the projects such as VEGA, KEGA, Visegrad Fund and projects of young scientists APVV. The results are presented at the scientific conferences of the UE in Bratislava and its faculties, the scientific conferences abroad, in national and foreign magazines and it is used in teaching, as well as in setting up specialized literature.