Management of the Department

Head of the Department: Ing. Eduard Hyránek, PhD.

Deputy Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Elena Fetisovová, CSc.

Secretary of the Department: Ing. Miroslav Kmeťko, PhD.

Secretary: Ing. Adriana Kluchová


Divisions of the Department

Financial management: Ing. Miroslav Kmeťko, PhD. [entrusted with management]

Corporate finance: doc. Ing. Elena Fetisovová, CSc. [entrusted with management]

Taxes and financial planning: doc. Ing. Gizela Lénártová, PhD. [entrusted with management]


History of the Department

Department of corporate finance was established in 1991, when the joint Department of Finance was divided into three departments, namely the Department of public finance, Department of finance and Department of corporate finance. The first two were left to operate at the Faculty of National Economy, the Department of corporate finance in accordance with their professional focus switched to the Faculty of Business Management. The head of the Department of corporate finance from its inception up to the 1st April 1994 was Prof. Ing. Karol Vlachynský, PhD. On 1 June. September 1994, prof. Ing. Jozef Kráľovič, CSc. was appointed for the head of the Department who held this position for more than 14 years. During the year 2008 Ing. Eduard Hyránek, PhD. was appointed to the Office of the head of the Department in March 1 2009.


Department today

The Department of Corporate Finance is involved in the education of economists and business managers at all levels of study programs - Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral study programs. In the Master study program the subject Corporate finance is taught at all faculties of the University of Economics in Bratislava. The next 18 other subjects, provided by the Department significantly complete the profile of a graduate in the field of study of Financial management. The subjects of the Department - Financial Management, Financial Engineering and Business Entity Taxes are also taught at the Faculty of Economic Informatics and the Faculty of Commerce.


Activities of the Department

The scientific research activity; Cooperation with the institutions of the economic area-organizations and businesses; consulting and lecturing; the activities of the committees and other bodies outside the University of Economics in Bratislava.