Management of the Department

Deputy Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Anita Romanová, PhD.

Secretary of the Department: Ing. Vladimír Bolek, PhD.

The Scientific Secretary: Ing. Michal Zelina, PhD., ACCA

Secretary: Katarína Semanová


The focus of the Department

In the period of transition to the information society the development of the sector of Informatics, computerization of all economic branches and all areas of economic and social activities is dominant. One of the most striking features of the information society is the process of application and utilization of Informatics in social practice, as far as the form and intensity is concerned. Information systems of a company, as an example of the application of information management are an essential part of the means to increase competitiveness, developing global communication which creates virtual community for the development of electronic business and trade, which is becoming the next significant phenomena of the current period. One of the critical success factors of the enterprise in the information society is the quality of governance. For this reason, it was necessary to create more space in regard to a Department of the Faculty of Business Management, which will contribute to creating the important preconditions for future managers to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. Department of information management was formed on the 1st of September 2001


The main tasks of the Department

  • providing educational process in the Department of Bachelor and Master study program in the full-time and external form.
  • participation in VEGA projects, in internal grant tasks and international projects,
  • ensuring the operation of computer classrooms for the Faculty of Business Management in terms of technical, software and organizational issues, a construction of the multimedia classroom,
  • ensuring the implementation of the SAP R/3 information system,
  • participation in projects of continuing education,
  • obligations arising from membership in the Slovak society for system integration and from a membership in a branch of the SSSI-information systems,
  • a contact with the economic area, consultancy in the field of information management, business information systems, the management of IS/IT, system integration.