Department of production management and logistics was founded on the 1st February 1995 after the approval of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Business Management at the UE in Bratislava. The creation of the Department was a response to the need to profile a block of subjects of production, dealing with the essence of the creation of value in the corporate system.

To the basic subject of the Department, production management, we have built a block of nine successive modern subjects focusing on the issue of the logistics and technological solutions to the transformation process of the company, the system of quality management, management innovation in the production system, an internal factory production control system, and last but not least, on the environmental aspects of production. The Department provides educational process at all stages of study: Bachelor, Master, and PhD.

The Department is the guarantee of the study program - Production management and logistics.


Management of the Department

prof. Ing. Andrej Dupaľ, CSc. - Head of the Department

Ing. Martina Džubáková, PhD. - Deputy Head of the Department

Mgr. Ing. Júlia Rakovská, PhD. - Secretary of the Department

Radka Herbriková - Secretary