The main mission of the Faculty is to provide higher education to develop harmonious personality, knowledge, wisdom, goodness and creativity in man, to develop knowledge on the basis of creative scientific inquiry in the field of Economics and management of the business and to contribute to the development of a knowledge-based society. In this sense, the Faculty and in particular:


  1. provides, organizes education in accredited fields of study programmes within all three degrees and conducts basic research in particular. Study programs take place in the wake of its activities in the field of economic sciences, and in accordance with the current status in this field,
  2. providing continuing education,
  3. creating conditions for the free and creative scientific exploration and research, and the Faculty also does basic and applied research and development,
  4. organizing and carrying out scientific-research activity aimed at the development of the theory of business sciences, management, corporate finance, logistics, information technology and their application in practice,
  5. collaborating with educational and scientific research and other organizations and institutions in the Slovak Republic,
  6. organizing international, particularly European cooperation and exchange of information, the students and faculty and staff with foreign universities, with an economic focus
  7. it has the exclusive right to award academic degrees: Bachelor (abbr. "Bc.") a graduate of the higher education of the first degree, master's degree (abbr. "Ing.") graduated from the higher level, the academic title of doctor philosophiae (abbreviated "PhD") to graduates of the doctoral studies,
  8. it has the right to negotiate and decide on the outcome of the habilitation procedures, and to award scientific and pedagogical title "docent" and to submit proposals for the appointment of docents to the rector of the UE in Bratislava,
  9. it has the right to be heard and to be submitted by the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Faculty in Bratislava and rektorovi EU proposals for the appointment of professors,
  10. it provides librarian and other information services.



The faculty during their "adolescence" has gone through quite an eventful evolution, which was contingent upon both the development of the social surroundings and the structure of the teachers and students. In spite of many pressures the Faculty has managed to maintain the face of a fair partner in relation to the management of the Economic University in Bratislava and other faculties of the University, as a reliable partner for economic practice and face of a stable and equitable teacher for all those interested in education. Significant traces on the face of the Faculty were left behind  by all the deans whose actions  positively influenced its more than 65-year history and we pay a high tribute to them:


1953 - 1956 prof. Ing. J. Pázman
1956 - 1960 prof. Ing. Š. Fišera
1960 - 1963 doc. Ing. M. Sedlák, CSc.
1963 - 1966 doc. Ing. M. Švantner, CSc.
1966 - 1969 doc. Ing. A. Piškanin, CSc.
1969 - 1970 prof. Ing. M. Janák, CSc.
1970 - 1973 doc. Ing. A. Raško, CSc.
1973 - 1985 prof. Ing. M. Leščišin, DrSc.
1985 - 1990 Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. M. Grznár, DrSc.
1990 - 1991 prof. Ing. M. Sedlák, CSc.
1991 - 1993 doc. Ing. F. Svatý, CSc.
1994 - 2000 prof. Ing. K. Zalai, CSc.
2000 - 2007 doc. Ing. Ľ. Strieška, CSc.
2007 - 2015 prof. Ing. Ľ. Szabo, CSc.


Our THANKS goes to all the vice-deans, chairpersons of the academic senate, to the heads of departments, and, last but not least, to all teachers, who through their honest and responsible work created an indelible place in the system of higher education.

Thanks to all that we can build on the history and look to the future.