The scientific journal of the Faculty of Business Management, University of Economics in Bratislava has been given the registration number 127/2017 by the National Agency ISSN, the University Library in Bratislava, on 28th of April 2017, assigned to ISSN 2454-1028 as e-journal. The journal is issued 3 times a year in electronic form.

This follows the tradition of the scientific journal of the Faculty of Business Management UE in Bratislava, with the title Economics and Management, published in printed form by the year 2015, registered at the Ministry of culture of the Slovak Republic on the 26th of June 2003, under the registration number 3026/2003, ISSN 1336-3301  assigned by the National Agency.

The Faculty of Business Management of the University of Economics in Bratislava celebrated the 65th anniversary of its foundation. For fifty years more than 20 000 graduates of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programs studied at the Faculty. Based on these facts we may be pleased to say that the Faculty has greatly contributed to the economic, cultural and social development of the Slovak Republic. University teachers and researchers in the field of business administration, finance, and management grew up at the Faculty. The Faculty has been dealing with a number of scientific research projects and intensively collaborates with the economic area.


Since 2016, the journal has been published only in electronic form.