The contributions of the authors for the journal Economics and Management are accepted by the editorial board and published in Slovak, Czech, English, or in another language in agreement with the editorial board. The basic requirement is their originality. The Editorial Board recommends to authors that the scope of scientific essays should not exceed 15 standard pages, contributions to discussions, surveys and consultations 10 pages, reviews and information should have 3 pages. By sending a paper to the editor  the author cannot claim its publication. The condition for publishing the paper is a positive statement by editorial board or an independent reviewer, appointed by the Editorial Board, and payment of a fee of € 50,-€ on the account of the Publisher (Foundation Manager). Papers should be sent by mail to the address of the Executive Editor of , .

A part of the paper must be  the keywords and an abstract both in Slovak and in English (max. 20 lines total), including the title of the paper. Only papers written in the structure of a scientific article (introduction, objective, methods, results, discussion and conclusion) will be accepted. Citations and bibliographic references must be in accordance with the norm ISO 690 and international standards. The paper should be marked according to the JEL classification.

The text must be written in MS WORD editor (in black and white version) the font Times New Roman, font size 14, footnote 12 ( indicate to the page concerned). Page size A4 (210 x 297 mm), line spacing 1, upper and lower edge, inner edge and outer edge 2.5 2.5 margin, header and footer to 1.25. Tables and charts need to be numerically labelled and bring them the title in the upper left, lower left and also in a separate file, in which they were created. At the end of the paper needs to come the name, the last name of the author, title, address, place of work, contact details (e-mail, phone).

The author is responsible for the legal and factual content of the paper and agrees with procedural arrangements made by the editorial staff.

Papers are not paid.